possessory inside limitation

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administrator department should cut in legal ensure forest is possessory inside limitation to forest cut use, deal with forest active and actively to cut licence,netwood clip system for decking of its forest cut the age can consult possessory proposal decides forest. 5 it is the artificial commercial forest that asks to according with technical regulations undertake cradling a cut down, every cuts forest bosom diameter is less than 10

centimeters (contain 10 centimeters) , need not bring into lumber to produce plan government. But its use up save up quantity to must bring into a forest to cut limitation cheapest decking engineered wood iran management. 6 be to be in Zhu Lin (include natural Lin Zhulin) cut, country no longer year of make known to lower levels produces a plan. Save by each (area, city) control of limitation of cut down of the bamboo that approves by the State Council

lawfully, miscellaneous Zhu Cai is carried out. As we have learned, in already bringing into upper reaches of the Yangtse River, Yellow River to go up now, swim natural lowes cost wall panels tiles wood grain forest the artificial commercial forest inside division of resource protection engineering is not being adjusted. Artificial commercial forest cuts the adjustment that runs policy is to perfect a forest to cut limitation management institution

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