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Does formaldehyde decompose a technology to there is breakthrough: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Formaldehyde decomposes a Composite Decking Be Is Waterproof technology to have a breakthrough Issue date: 2002-1-6 origin: Shandong saves limited company of chemical industry of field of gold of Lai state city to introduce German technology, research development gives high-tech product -- formaldehyde sucks the

JTF-3 that catch an agent, fill home is blank. outdoor deck covering options Via the country man-made board quality is supervised examine the center examines, use this product to be able to make cleared rate amounts to formaldehyde 98% . Recently, this product is decorated to decorate material association to be material of green interior Raised Wood Plastic Outdoor Planter Boxes decoration surely by Chinese building, already batch throws production. JTF-3 has efficient, long, safety

to reach use handy wait for a characteristic. Its are effective and active composition content is high, cleared formaldehyde rate is rapid, the half an hour after besmear is brushed can inexpensive screen porch flooring get effective, after 24 hours, cleared rate is as high as 98% , this product can be being handled the formaldehyde that one forms to have very strong active and long-term effect subtly between the surface of article and gas phase

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