indonesian plywood begins

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Taiwan area) , Korea. In recent years, indonesian plywood begins to export the United States, Europe. Lumber industry is every year Indonesian the foreign currency income that brings best mold resistant decking a few dollars with Malaysia. Global market increases to the demand of wood products, bring about log to rise in price. 1993, every stere raises log price 600 dollars. But from 1996 later, log price is maintained control in

450-500 dollar. 1997, wood basically imports a allure vinyl lattice fence panels country Japan, after crisis of Korea happening banking, log price falls every stere 430 dollars are the following. The whole world is made because of building, furniture, decorate wait for pair of lumber to also increase in year after year to the demand of wood products, material needed to build a deck only a whole world uses up plywood to make an appointment with 15.7 million stere in all, among

them Japan used up above of 7 million stere. Global log supplies 70% concentration to be in Indonesian with Malaysia. In recent years environmental protection consciousness is brought indian wood plastic decking about cut log is controlled strictly, log is supplied also be affected. Phenomenon of ell Ni Nuo causes global climate abnormality, also affect tree to grow. Indonesian lot came 50 years last year the most severe drought, produce

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