the sampling of substandard products

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the number of unqualified products reached 21 batches, accounting for 42% of the total. Among the unqualified products, 8 batches of nearly 4 were produced in Dongguan, among which the bedside cabinets produced by Jingsheng Furniture in Dongguan City were exposed due to unqualified items of harmful substances (formaldehyde emission).
Furniture formaldehyde emission levels exceeded the child's physical harm. Are these unqualified products entering the Dongguan circulation market and are there any recalls from companies? The reporter then interviewed related furniture companies involved and found that most of the products did not flow into the market.
In this regard, the reporter telephone interviewed Dongguan City Jingsheng Furniture Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge of the plant said that the sampling of substandard products was produced last year, has been placed in the warehouse did not sell.
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