Wastage of the current

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biggest user is firm of search of Si Daola favour (Stora Enso Oy) . Wastage of the current year of this company pulp 25 million stere. Is frame of system of standard of our good quality composite window box country forestry preliminary form: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Frame of system of standard of our country forestry is preliminary form Issue date: 2003-2-18 origin: Standard of our country forestry (do

not include industry standard) gross already corrugated metal concrete decking prices amounted to 1650, standard of its China home 268, occupation standard 582, local standard 800. Cover suitably with standard of national level, occupation standard, place and industry standard, the frame of forestry standard system that enclothes forestry basically to produce whole lightweight floor panel process is preliminary already form. In recent years, with " it is character first " for

core, national forestry bureau increases forestry metric system to decide working strength, "95 " during, organize in all edit standard 217, standard of its China home 73, occupation pvc coated square wire mesh fencing standard 144. Especially 2001, 2002, to get used to forestry to span type develops and be opposite into the world the pressing demand of forestry standard, national forestry bureau is arranged every year make standard project be

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