5mmo Makes Final Fantasy XIV Gil Purchasing A Lot Easier

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Final Fantasy XIV Gil No other original IP titles appear on the slides despite Square Enix mentioning that they plan to expand their IP portfolio. Likely we’ll find out about those new IPs during the publisher’s E3 conference.

Also absent is any mention of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Which could mean they’re holding off for an E3 announcement as the rumors would have it or that the game is still deep in development.

Finally the publisher added some detail on their plans for their MMORPGs Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X. Both games saw major growth during the previous year thanks to the launch of two new expansions which led to strong disc sales and an increase of paying subscribers for both games.

While neither MMO will see an expansion launch this year Square Enix intends toFFXIV Gil “focus on user retention by taking various operational measures such as large updates.” A fine example of that plan is Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 4.3 which will launch later this month. Dragon Quest X will also get a major update numbered 4.2 this month however Dragon Quest X is only available in Japan.

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