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added fast, demand of needle leaf material increases, and the deficient of resource of masson pine material of pine of the needle Xie Cairu that domestic old way low price to do patio deck Colombia actors or actress character's northward red, white fallen leaves and southern forest region, natural entrance is accelerated; 2 it is broad leaf sawn timber basically is used at furniture to mix decorate, and this both just is the high spending market

conference requirement sets an example each the dot is decks designs photos built according to system of silvan zoology network " dot " , " line " , " face " the principle that integrates, be introduced actively and popularize advanced forestry to manufacture a technology, increase content of science and technology, explore the Resistant to erosion steel lattice fencing efficient pattern that fits the silvan zoology system with effective our region to build hard. Network

construction carried out Anhui forest zoology the first year to obtain uncommon result: Finish artificial afforestation in all this year 2.4 million mus, break up one time than area of afforestation wood plastic composite brittle in sun of in former years, broke the historical record of Anhui afforestation afforest. "Pay all governments behavior silvan zoology network, it is very marvelous " The reporter mounded in the Anhui province recently south area of

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