particular activities and uses

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guests and standing drinks - and at parties people tend to congregate by the fence in the garden. For football and games, or for sunbathing you will then need an open area of grass and this should be as far from the plants etc as possible. If you can have multiple tiers for your garden this is a perfect way to section that area off. Garden Design Ideas to
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Help You Create a French Country Garden in Your Space With all the garden design ideas there are out there for you to bring home to your yard, have you ever considered going with the French country garden style with its mix of beautiful herbs, flowers, divine fragrances and plants that you can actually use in the kitchen? Among garden design
ideas today, the French country garden style is among the top choices that people pick to try out for themselves. Let's take a look at how exactly a French country garden comes about. What kinds of plants exactly make up a French country garden? This is a garden style that allows you a certain amount of latitude in what you choose. But French country
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